Written and Directed by Micki Pellerano

Featuring:  Alix Brown, Carter Harrington, Micki Pellerano, Sean Ragon, Tania Ryalls

Score by Bruno Coviello

Additional instrumentation: Billy Burbank, Christiana Key, Daniel Sheerin

The Aura Pierced (excerpt for 'Dreams Less Sweet')

The Aura Pierced was a film, now evidently lost, that first screened at Moti Hasson Gallery, NYC, in 2010. Footage of it was spared, however, and included in the cut-up project of Psychic TV's 'Dream Less Sweet' at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA in 2014.

The Language of Leaves: An Alchemical Allegory
Rites of Ptah (2007)

Rites of Ptah is the third installment in the Hermetic Trilogy (2005-2007)

“When divine thought, the guardian of truth, descends to earth and unleashes its creative power, it is called Amun. When divine thought brings to this the aid of art, it is called Ptah or Vulcan.”
-Jan Potocki, The Manuscript Found in Saragossa

Director: Micki Pellerano
Featuring: Micki Pellerano, Sean Ragon
Music: Nate Archer
Thanks to: Tom Blunt, Andrew McNey, Cameron Michel, Vashti Windish

Pantelia: Meditations on the Number Ten (2006)

Pantelia is the second installment in the Hermetic Trilogy (2005-2007). It is an educational film exploring the esoteric significance of the number Ten.

Written and Directed by: Micki Pellerano
Narration: Maya Hardinge
Sound Design and Mixing: Nate Archer, Chris Coady, Alice Cohen, Cameron Michel, Daniel Mitha, Micki Pellerano
Thanks to: Christian Holstad, Maria Santa Maria, Vashti Windish

MALDOROR: A Pact With Prostitution (2004)

Maldoror: A Pact With Prostitution was my first film. It was co-directed with my friend and collaborator Nate Archer. The film is an adaptation from an excerpt of Les Chants de Maldoror by the Comte de Lautreamont.

Directed by: Nate Archer & Micki Pellerano
Featuring: Jay Honstetter & Marissa Johnson
Worm created by: Jason Thibodeaux
Music by: Nate Archer & Daniel Mitha
Set Design by: Christian Holstad and Karmella Fiebke

K-Holes - "Short Zippers"
K Holes - "Rats"
Cult of Youth - "The Pole Star"
Alice Cohen - "Cascading Keys"
Golden Triangle - "Neon Noose"
Xray Eyeballs - "X"
Bruno & The Dreamies - Blue Moon